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What The Butler Saw Full Movie In Hindi Free Download

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7cb1d79195 Government secrets are being leaked and there are three prime suspects, Admiral Willows, Brigadier Goddard and Group Captain Miles, all of whose butlers have recently disappeared. Emma sets out to seduce the womanizing Miles whilst Steed enrols at the school that trained the missing butlers and is run by their replacements. Whilst Miles proves to be innocent Steed discovers that one of the gentleman's gentlemen is behaving in a most ungentlemanly way.
Steed enrolls in a prestigious Butler school to investigate a leak in Government secrets. Emma attempts to seduce one of the three main suspects, an RAF playboy known to the ladies as Georgie-Porgie.
"What the Butler Saw" has less Emma watching, with Steed attempting to ferret out a traitor among a Brigadier (Howard Marion Crawford, later seen in "The Living Dead" and "Stay Tuned"), a Vice Admiral (Humphrey Lestocq), and an RAF Captain, Georgie Miles (Dennis Quilley), notorious for his numerous female conquests. He naturally flips over Mrs. Peel (effortlessly stealing him away from the competition), while his butler (Hammer veteran Thorley Walters) spends his spare time running a school for butlers infiltrated by Steed (who jealously advises Emma not to do what he would). John Le Mesurier, previously seen in "Mandrake," stands out as the sinister Benson, with Ewan Hooper, dubbed in his memorable role as Dracula's servant priest in Hammer's 1968 "Dracula Has Risen from the Grave," using his own voice here as Sergeant Moran, whose climactic showdown with Mrs. Peel is a particularly well directed bit of action (and probably painful). Norman Scace had previously done "Lobster Quadrille," and Peter Hughes had done "The Medicine Men," while Kynaston Reeves went on to do "Legacy of Death."
Somebody is leaking defence secrets to the enemy; there are only three suspects, one from each service; an admiral, a brigadier and a group captain. Steed dons suitable facial hair and uniform to visit each but can&#39;t determine who is most likely to be the culprit; each has a weakness; gambling, drinking and women respectively. The men have one thing in common; they all employ butlers from a prestigious Butlers&#39; school. To investigate that link Steed enrols in the school while Mrs Peel sets about catching the eye of the randy group captain.<br/><br/>This was an enjoyable episode with plenty of laughs and a little twist at the end. Early laughs are provided by Steed&#39;s appearance as he visits each of the military men; the cliché facial hair is great; especially when he is posing as an RAF officer with a ridiculously impressive moustache! Later fun is to be had as he undertakes training as a butler. Mrs Peel&#39;s method of attracting the Group Captain is also rather amusing as is the revelation that he only carries on with so many women because his reputation demands it… he&#39;d rather play board games with them. The bad guys are suitably unpleasant; I particularly liked John Le Mesurier portrayal of one of the bad butlers… so different from his best known role of Sgt Wilson in the classic series &#39;Dad&#39;s Army&#39;. Overall this provided a good mixture of humour and drama making it a pretty good episode.

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